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Treasure or Trash? Make Someone Else's Day.

What to Do with Your Stuff?

Susan Parrish of Messes Managed was intrigued that the Netflix program “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” inspired viewers to get rid of the contents of their closets and garages.

As a former Columbian reporter and current freelance writer with her own impressive downsizing expertise, Susan wanted to educate locals about how to donate or recycle their stuff. 

She researched and wrote the “Beyond Marie Kondo: Where to donate or recycle almost anything in Clark County” article for the Columbian.

One person's trash is another's treasure

Susan can also help you figure out your keepsake’s value and who else might love them. And if there’s anyone who understands how everything tells a story, it’s Susan.


Simple Living DIY

Watch Shannon declutter her family’s entire house over a year.

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Professional Organizing FAQs

Messes Managed professional organizing service is charged on an hourly basis, $35/hour, with minimum of three hours for a project.  For an upfront commitment for 10 hours, the hourly rate is reduced to $30, a $50 savings.

The “same” project can take radically different amounts of time with different clients. Until the work begins, it’s difficult to get a good sense of the pace. Messes Managed regularly checks in to make sure what is being done is what is desired. You have the right as a client to stop the work at any point if you are not satisfied. 

We’re here to help. Most likely you’re here because you’re feeling overwhelmed. The best way to get started is to fill out the contact form or contact Messes Managed for a consult. We’ll take it from there, one step at a time.

It’s not unusual for family members to ask for help when someone they love can’t help themselves. We can work out the details ahead of time on what the goals are, how everyone can work together, how payment is handled. Messes Managed also offers gift certificates.

Messes Managed will work with you to determine how to determine if an item can viably sold, who else in the family might want it, where to donate it, where to recycle it or how to dispose of it.

Conquer clutter. Welcome calm & lightness.

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