Senior Downsizing

A Lifetime of Memories Require Special Care

Senior: vintage photo


Letting Go

Senior's longtime home before downsizing

When a senior moves from the family home into an assisted living facility, big changes occur not only for the senior, but for the adult children, grandchildren and extended family. The letting go of the family home and so many cherished possessions can be challenging and emotional.

Don's Downsizing Story: House > Mobile Home

After Don and his wife retired, they started the downsizing process by selling their large home where they’d raised their family. 

They bought a mobile home in a 55-and-older park. 


Downsizing > Assisted Living

As Don lost more function and independence, he decided to move into an assisted living facility. 

Winnowing Down to the Essential

To prepare for the move, his family had a garage sale. There was still too much stuff to fit into the assisted living apartment, so some furniture and other possessions were donated to charity.

“You were so good about helping Dad make choices about his things.”

- Don's Daughter


Third Downsizing

Circle of life

Don required more and more home health care. 

In order to afford that extra care, he had to move into an even smaller unit with lower rent.

Again, I sat down with Don to determine which furniture would fit in the smaller apartment, which furniture could be donated, and which photos, paintings and memorabilia he wanted to display in his new apartment. The result was a comfortable, welcoming space that was not overcrowded with stuff.

“You honored Dad’s emotions about his belongings. You asked him to tell you a story about the item and why it was important to him.”

- Don's Daughter

Golden Years

Don settled into his smaller apartment and welcomed his sisters, nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren and great-grandchild who visited him.

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